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Programme Advisory Committee

As per the guidelines issued by the M.H.R.D.,New Delhi a Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) has been constituted which considers and approves all the programmes to be conducted under the C.T.E. Scheme. The following are its members at present:-
1.   Principal and Nodel Officer
      Shri Radha Krishna Institute of Advance Studies of Education (IASE), Bikaner.
 2.   The Director
      All India Radio, Jodhpur.
3.   The District Education Officer (Sec.)
      Department of Education, Jodhpur/Jalore/Barmer/Jaisalmer/Pali
4.   The Principal
      DIET, Jodhpur/Jalore/Barmer/Jaisalmer
5.   The Principal
      Govt.Sr.Secondary School, Siwanchi Gate, Jodhpur.
6.   Head Master
      Govt.Secondary School, Jodhpur.
7.   Dr. S.B. Singh
      Retd. Principal, Regional College of Education, Ajmer
      C/o Dr. Anurag Singh, SarojHospital, A-34, Saraswati Nagar, Jodhpur.
8.   Dr. O.P. Sharma
      Ret.Professor, Shah Goverdhan Lal Kabra Teachers' College (CTE), Jodhpur.
9.  Dr.(Mrs)Deepika Sikawat
      Lecturer, Shah Goverdhan Lal Kabra Teachers' College (CTE), Jodhpur.
10. Sr. Teacher,Govt.Girls Senior Secondary School, Rajmahal, Jodhpur.
11. Sr. Teacher,New Govt. Senior Secondary School, Ratanada, Jodhpur.
12. M.Ed. Student of this College
13. B.Ed. Student of this College
14. Principal,Shah Goverdhan Lal Kabra Teachers' College (CTE), Jodhpur.