One Who Dares To Teach Must Never Cease To Learn

Audio-Visual Room

NCF 2005 has emphasized the use of Educational Technology by the Teacher in the class-room. With the same Motto College also tries to provide training for its practical use. For this the college has a separate Audio-Visual Room and an Art Room.
The College has a well equipped Audio-Visual Room which is fully Air Conditioned and equipped with a 50" smart T.V, 29" Television Set with a D.V.D. Player connected to it and many other technical gadgets like 16mm Film Projector with 15 Educational spools, hanging L.C.D Projector, Automatic Slide Projector, Manual Slide Projector, Over Head Projector, Wi-Fi LCD projector etc. The Audio-Visual Room has also a computer and Laptops with Internet connectivity and it is connected with hanging L.C.D. The Educational Teaching materials are also available in the form of CD-ROMS, slides and audio cassettes.