One Who Dares To Teach Must Never Cease To Learn

Audio-Visual & Art Room

NCF 2005 has emphasized the use of Educational Technology by the Teacher in the class-room. With the same Motto College also tries to provide training for its practical use. For this the college has a separate Audio-Visual Room and an Art Room.
This Audio-Visual room is equipped with a 50" smart T.V, 29" Television Set with a D.V.D. Player connected to it and many other technical gadgets like 16mm Film Projector with 15 Educational spools, hanging L.C.D Projector, Automatic Slide Projector, Manual Slide Projector, Over Head Projector, Wi-Fi LCD projector etc. The Audio-Visual Room has also a computer and Laptops with Internet connectivity and it is connected with hanging L.C.D. The Educational Teaching materials are also available in the form of CD-ROMS, slides and audio cassettes.
The Art Room consists of the charts and other teaching aids and materials made by the people teachers of the College which is used by them during their lessons. The maps, globes, roller-up boards, are also available for the use by the people teachers. Teaching models related to different school teaching subjects are also available in the Art Room.