One Who Dares To Teach Must Never Cease To Learn

News Letter

The college has been bringing out a quarterly newsletter "Deepan" since 2016. It contains the details of all the curricular and co-curricular activities of B.Ed and M.Ed Courses undertaken during the preceding quarter of its publication. As the College is also a College for Teacher Education (CTE) upgraded in 1989 by MHRD, New Delhi the newsletter also publishes all the programmes related to CTE i.e organising of training programmes for Government Senior Teachers in School Teaching Subjects, and also the Theme-based programmes. Under Theme-based programmes the Orientation Courses on Action Research, Yoga, Peace Education, Information & Communication Technology, and Women & Child Development, etc come. The newsletter publishes the names of Resource Persons who deliver lectures in training programmes of both types. The Research Projects & On-site Support Programmes done by the teaching staff of College are also mentioned in the newsletter. It thus is a mirror of College activities.