Evaluation Plan for B.Ed First Year

Evaluation Plan for B.Ed First Year

Evaluation Plan for B.Ed First Year

PaperName of the PaperExternalInternalTotal
FirstChildhood and Growing up7030*100
SecondFundamentals of Contemporary Indian Education7030*100
ThirdTeaching & Learning70 30* 100
FourthBasics in Education & Communication70 30* 100
FifthLanguage Across the Curriculum7030*100
SixthPedagogy Course I (Part I)7030*100
SeventhPedagogy Course II (Part I)7030*100
EighthArt & Aesthetics in Education Part – I050**50
NinthHealth & Physical Education Part – I050**50
TenthConservation & Environmental Regeneration7030100
Pre Internship –

1. Micro Teaching – 20marks
2. First pedagogy -05 lessons (In Simulated Conditions) = 25 marks
3. Second Pedagogy -05 lessons (In Simulated Conditions) = 25 marks

School Internship – Four Weeks

In government schools and submission of project report =30 marks
(See Rule No.5)


Grand Total5604401000

*Internal weight-age of 30 will be divided as under:

Summative Test: 20

(There shall be two tests its marks shall be considered for internal assessment record)

Candidates will conduct/prepare a report of One activity in each paper carrying 5 marks for activities in each paper & carrying 5 marks for documentation.

Participation: 5Marks

Documentation: 5 Marks

Total: 30

Note – Out of 30 internal marks a candidate will have to get a minimum of 12 marks for a pass. If a candidate fails in two or less than two internal subjects, they will be promoted to II year but it will be compulsory for them to reappear in the internal activities & External Examination of the same paper next year.

**There will be two papers with an internal (Paper-VIII & Paper-IX) weightage of 50 marks. The assessment of both papers will be done internally at the college level.

*The internal assessment criteria in B.Ed I year will be as follows:

PaperName of the PaperSummative Assessment-I (10 Marks)Summative Assessment-II (10 Marks)Continuous/ formative Assessment(Activity/ Practicum/ Fieldwork)
FirstChildhood and Growing up 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Second Fundamentals of Contemporary Indian Education 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Third Teaching & Learning 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Fourth Basics in Education & Communication 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Fifth Language Across the Curriculum 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Sixth Pedagogy Course I (Part I) 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Seventh Pedagogy Course II (Part I) 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Eighth Art & Aesthetics in Education Part – I 10 10 Participation-15Marks
Ninth Health & Physical Education Part – I 10 10 Participation-15Marks
Tenth Conservation & Environmental Regeneration 10 10 Participation-5Marks
Total 100 100140

Scheme of Examinations

The examinations for the degree of Bachelor of Education (First Year) shall be held in Theory & Practical.

Paper-wise scheme of examination: Theory

  1. Papers with External weight-age of 70 Marks (3 hours duration)
    One essay-type question will be set from each unit carrying 14 marks. There will be an internal choice of attempting two questions of short answer type (with a word limit of 200 words) from the same unit. Each short answer type question will carry 7 marks.


  1. Micro Teaching-5 Skills (Fluency in questioning, probing, illustration with examples, reinforcement, black board writing).
  2. In pre-internship lessons will be delivered in simulated condition. The purpose of pre-internship is to acquaint the student to classroom teaching for effective internship.
  3. In first year, School internship will be of four weeks. Out of which, initial six days will be for general observation of the ongoing school activities & classroom teaching of the host teachers. It is expected that the students play the participative role in all school activities, including teaching and take necessary responsibilities as and when required, as per instruction of head of the institution.
  4. After completion of internship, each student must submit the attendance-cum internship completion certificate duly authorised by head of institution, where internship was performed.
  5. The students teacher have to prepare a project report based on the experiences of teaching facilities, Infrastructure , Curricular and Co-Curricular activities, School record documentation, Projects / Plan run in school, Community services, RTI and RTE compliances, Parent-teachers Meeting, Teacher and student diary, School Management Committee. This project report will be assessed at the school where internship performed.