Scheme of Evaluation M.Ed. Semester-II

Scheme of Evaluation M.Ed. Semester-II

M.Ed Semester – II

Course NoNomenclatureCourse CodeESECCATotalLecture-Tutorial-Practical per week (1hr.each)Credit
Core Course-1Philosophy of Education *MEDCC-20170301003-1-25
Core Course-2Sociology of Education *MEDCC-20270301003-1-25
Core Course-3Curriculum Studies *MEDCC-20370301003-1-25
Core Course-4Pre-Service And In-Service Teacher Education *MEDCC-20470301003-1-25
Practical Course- 5Dissertation MEDPC- 2053515502
Practical Course-6Internship in TEI MEDPC-20670301004
Skill Course-7(Any one of the following)
1. Computer application skill
2. Personality development and public speaking

Total 38516555026

* M.Ed Course Code

(i) Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) accounting for 30% of the final grade that a student gets in a course: This would have the following components:
(a)Term Test: One term test shall be arranged for each paper prior to End-Semester Examination: examination duration shall be of three hours: maximum marks shall be 60 (reduced to 15).
(b) Seminar: Each student shall prepare and deliver a seminar per theory paper: maximum marks shall be 40 (reduced to 10). The Seminar shall be completed prior to term test for all the papers.
(c) Classroom Attendance – Each student will have to attend a minimum of 75% Lectures/Tutorials/Practical’s. A student having less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination (ESE). Attendance marks will awarded by following the system proposed below 🙁 as per NCTE norms).

80% to 83%1 Mark
84% to 87%2 Marks
88% to 91%3 Marks
92% to 95%4 Marks
96% and above5 Marks

Practical Course-5 Dissertation: In the second Semester Synopsis will be assessed and marks of CCA will be awarded by Concerning Supervisor and ESE will be awarded by panel comprising of Principal/ HOD and two senior faculty members (appointed by the principal/HOD), after presentation by student in Open Seminar.

Skill Course- 7 Evaluation: Based on his/her performance and hands on practice, the respective Department shall declare the result as “Satisfactory” or “Un-Satisfactory”; each student need to get a minimum of three “Satisfactory” declaration for the course completion. (ii) End-Semester Examination (ESE) accounting for the 70% of the final grade that the student gets in a course. For the Term test and ESE:

Part A

Part-A of the question paper shall be Very short answer type containing 10 short questions (at least two questions from each unit) spread over the whole syllabus to be answered in about 30 words each. Each question shall carry 01marks (In all 1×10=10 Marks) and shall be a compulsory question.

Part B

Part-B of the paper shall contain 8 questions with internal choice. The entire syllabus has been divided into four units. Each unit shall have two questions and the candidates shall be given internal choice i.e. the candidate shall attempt one question from each unit. Each question carry 15marks (4×15=60 Marks) 10+60 = 70 marks