Language Lab

Conference Hall

The teaching of English basically involves enabling the students to have the practical command over the language i.e. the students should have four basic skills of language which are known as LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing).The spoken English in Rajasthan is the weakest aspect of English Language Teaching (ELT) and is the consequence of a meager and inadequate exposure of prospective English teacher to the spoken English. In order to make our prospective teacher well equipped with various aspects of spoken English and to make them fluent users of the Language the College established a Language Laboratory.

The Tablet Based 4th Generation English Language Laboratory has been established in the College. This Laboratory has 17 Tablets (One Tablet for master trainer) with latest configuration with MMX and two- way control for teacher. The teacher can control student's Tablet for better class control. The Tablet has a good camera that enables user-generated video based activities and interactive on spot feedback through visual representation. The Lab has also Wi-Fi Portable Trolley with centralized charging and safe Tablet storage capacity of up to 41 Tablets.

A hanging LCD projector with ICT portable lectern and interactive White Board Device is also in the Lab. There is also a wooden Podium with digital power lectern and PC-less conference suite, and wireless PA system is in the Lab. The Lab has two ACs, and the CCTV Cameras installed in it.