College Library

College Library

The College has a very big library having about 38,000 (Thirty-Eight Thousand) books pertaining to the pedagogical and methodological areas of Teacher Education fulfilling the requirements of B.Ed., M.Ed., and Ph.D. (Education) students. The library is an amalgamation of the old as well as the recent books and journals. It also has all prominent encyclopedias.

The library provides books on loan to B.Ed. and M.Ed. students on the library tokens. Besides, it also gives a complete set of books from the Book-Bank to each student of B.Ed. and M.Ed. which they keep for the whole session and redeposit the same after the University Examinations are over.

The College library remains open on all the working days from 10 AM to 5.30 PM. Every student or visitor to the library makes an entry of his/her name before entering it. This gives an idea about the number of people making use of the library daily. The College library is also equipped with the Sound System which plays at a very low pitch sound of the Indian Classical Instrumental Music. This has been provided to enhance the level of concentration of the readers in the library and owes its introduction to the researches done in the area of Mood Psychology.

The College Library has also valuable Hand Book, Year Book & Directory, Encyclopedia & General Reference Books related to Education & General Information which are listed below:-

Hand Book, Year Book & Directory

1Handbook of College and University Administration2The Indian Year Book of Education – 1 & 2
3The Times of India Directory & Year Book – 19774Hindustan Year Book & Who’s Who-1965
5N.S.S.E Year Book – 246India a Reference Year Book – 1964, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1982, 1984,
1985, 1990, 1991, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003,
2000, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2001, 2010, 2011,
2012, 2013
7Directory of Further Education8Year Book-1964
9Statmen’s Year Book – 196110Statmen’ Year Book – 1975-76
11Year Book of Education12Fourth All India Educational Survey
13The World Year Book14Bharat Year Book
15राजस्थान वार्षिकी -199316Manorama Year Book-1994
17Whos of Indian Writers-199918The Wonder Book of Do you Know?
19The Seventh mental measurements year book-Vol. 1& 220Educational Research Methodology and Measurement & International Hand Book
21A Manual of U.G.C.22Year Book of Indian Education 1988-89
23World Year Book of Education 1968-196924Directory and Hand Book of Teacher Education 1968-1969
25International Year Book Education26University Hand Book – 1973, 1977
27Hand Book of Educational Ideas and Practices28Resource Atlas of Rajasthan
29Hand Book of University – Vol. 1 & 230Directory & Hand Book of Teacher Education


1Every man’s Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 202The New illustrated Child Care Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 12
3Blonds Encyclopedia of Education4Encyclopedia of Social Science – Vol. 1 to 15
5Child Craft – Vol. 1 to 156The American Education Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 10
7The New Wonder Book cyclopedia of world knowledge – Vol. 1 to 128Education – Vol . 1 to 10
9How to Do it Encyclopedia – Vol. 110The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge
11Pears Encyclopedia12Encyclopedia of Britannica – Vol. 1 to 24
13The New Columbia Encyclopedia14The University Desk Encyclopedia
15Encyclopedia of Physic science16The Cadillac Modem Encyclopedia
17The New Wonder Book Encyclopedia18Encyclopedia of Sociology
19‘मधुमती’ संदर्भ कोष20Pears Cyclopedia 87 Education
21General knowledge Encyclopedia22Junior world Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 16
23The How its works Encyclopedia of Great investors and Discoveries24Reference Encyclopedia
25The new Encyclopedia of the world26The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
27An Encyclopedia of the modern world28Visual Encyclopedia
29ज्ञान सरोवर विश्व कोष Vol. 1 to 0530Encyclopedia of India Culture – Vol. 1 to 5
31Concise Encyclopedia of India32विश्व सुवित कोष Vol. 1 to 04
33सूवित सागर34हिंदी भाषा एवं साहित्य विश्व कोष Vol. 1 to 3
35Encyclopedia of Techniques of Teaching – Vol. 1 to 0236Encyclopedia of Education Problems
37The Encyclopedia of Human Development & Education38Encyclopedia of Educational Foundations & Development
39Modem Encyclopedia of Science teaching – Vol. 1 to 0540Encyclopedia to Educational Research
41Encyclopedia of Science42Domestic Encyclopedia
43Pictorial Encyclopedia of Geography44Encyclopedia of Educational Administration by Yashist – Vol. 1 to05
45Encyclopedia of Modem Educational Research By S.R. Sharma – Vol. 1 to 1046Perspectives in Educational Supervision by Vashint – Vol. 1 to 05
47The New Encyclopedia of Britannica – Vol. 1 to 3448Lexicon universal Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 21
49International Encyclopedia of Education By Torsten Husen And one supplementary50Encyclopedia of modern methods of teaching – Vol. 1 to 06
51Encyclopedia of Rural Education in India-Vol.1to1052International Encyclopedia of Education by Paul Monroc – Vol. 1 to 10
53Encyclopedia of Educational Research by A.B. Lauria – Vol. 1 to 0754Britannica Ready Reference Encyclopedia – Vol. 1 to 10
55Encyclopedia of Educational Research by Harold E Mitzel – Vol. 1 to 0456Encyclopedia of Child & Primary Edu. Development – Vol. 1 to 03
57Encyclopedia of the teaching of Education – Vol. 1 to 0258भारत ज्ञान कोष Vol. 1 to 06
59Modem Encyclopedia of Counseling &Guidance – Vol. 1 to 0560

General Reference Books

1You and Your Health – Vol. 1 & 32The British Journal of Educational Year 1931 to 1950 Psychology
3The Book Shelf for Boys & Girls – Vol. 1 to 104Mariana Meeting with Japan
5The Complete Works of William Shake pear6Holy Bible
7International Standard Atlas of the World8School Atlas
9Hand Book of college and University Administration: General10Indian Book in print – Vol. 1 & 02
11World Survey of Education – Vol. 1,2 & 312World Survey of Education
13Report of the Secondary Education Commission (Mudaliyal)14Report of the Education Commission. 1964-66
15Tell me why – Vol. 1 to 416The Gunners book of Refernce
17The Oxford School Atlas18A Historical Atlas
19Great World Atlas20Atlas of the world
21राजस्थान के वैज्ञानिक22वेद सम्पूर्ण भाग 1 व 2
23The Atlas of World Geography24A Survey of Research in Education No. 1
25Second Survey of Research in Education 1972-7826Third Survey of Research in Education 1978-1983
27Fourth Survey of Research in Education – Vol. 1 & 2 – 1983-8828Fifth Survey to Educational Research Vol. 1 & 2 – 1988-92
29The Complete Illustrated Shakespeare30Fifth All India Educational Survey – Vol. 1 & 2
31Sixth All India Educational Survey32

The library also subscribes to a number of Newspapers and Magazines which are listed below:-

Newspapers and Magazines

1Rajasthan Patrika2Dainik Bhaskar
3Navjyoti4Jalte Deep
5Jangan6The Times of India
7Punjab Kesari8India Today
11Kadambini12Meri Saheli
13Cricket Samrat14Mukta
15Science Progress16Pratiyogita Darpan
17The Competition Master18Samajik Gyan Darpan
19Nirog Dham20Front Line
21Rozgar Samachar22Vanita
23Out Look24Aha Jinelagi

The library subscribes to a number of Indian and Foreign Journals which are listed below:-

Indian & Foreign Journals

1Quest in Education2Indian Journal of Adult Education
3Prodh Shiksha4Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International
5Indian Educational Review6Journal of Indian Education
7Nai Shiksha8Meri Journal of Education
9University News10In Quest of Bhartiya Shiksha
11Madhumati12New Frontiers in Education
13Resonance Journal of Science Education14G.C.T.E. Journal of Research & Extension in Education
15Aadhunik Bhartiya Shiksha16Shivira
17Bhartia Shiksha Shodh Patrika18Naya Shikshak
19Modern Education Research20Shiksha Vimarsh
21Educational Herald22Shikha Mitra
23Indian educational Abstracts24Veacharika
25Journal of Educational Studies26The Rajasthan Board Journal of Education
27Journal of Educational Research28Journal of Educational & Psychological Research

Library (For M.Ed & Research Scholars)

Library (For M.Ed & Res

A separate Air Conditioned Room provides only for Post-Graduate Students and Research Scholars. This Room is known as M.Ed. The room where all the reference material including the journals pertaining to Educational Research, and other relevant areas are available for the M.Ed. Students and Research Scholars. The copies of every dissertation and Ph.D. Theses and Research Projects are also available in this Library. The Library has also two computers with an internet facility to download the Study materials and to search the related matter to Education.