Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab

A Psychology Laboratory is an integral part of a teacher education institution. This College has this lab since its establishment.The Psychology Laboratory was constructed and developed under the financial assistance provided by the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi. Psychology Laboratory is used for issue of Psychological Tests to the B.Ed. Students for their sessional work in the paper of Educational Psychology. The students are M.Ed. also make an extensive use of this lab for getting the tests/ inventories etc. for their dissertation and sessional work. The psychological tests being published from almost all publishers in India are available in the Psychology lab of the College. The details of tests are appended below:-

List of Psychological Tests available in the College Psychology Laboratory

S.No. Name of the Test Author
1 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire S. D. Kapoor
2 A Scale of Machiavellianism S. N. Rai & Manjula Gupta
3 A Test for Temperament Survey Dixit & Karim
4 A Test Measure Intergenerational Conflicts Rama Pal
5 A Verbal Measure of Risk Taking Choubey
6 Academic Anxiety Scale for Children Singh & Gupta
7 Academic Climate Description Questionnaire M. L. Shah & Amita Shah
8 Achievement Motivation Test Dr. Prayag Mehta
9 Achievement Motivation Test V. P. Bhargava
10 Adjustment Inventory H. M. Singh
11 Adjustment Inventory for School Students A. K. P. Sinha & R. P. Singh
12 Aggression Scale Kumari Roma Pall & Mrs. T. Nagvi
13 Aggression Scale Dr. R. L. Bharadwaj
14 AID Awareness Questionnaire Dr. Madhu Asthana
15 Attitude Scale toward Tex Sandhya Sharma
16 Attitude Scale towards Education S. L. Chopra
17 Attitude Scale towards Existing System of Teachers Training Dr. V. Mehta & Srivastava
18 Attitude Scale towards Family Planning M. A. Hakim & Singh
19 Attitude Scale Towards Information Technology For Teacher - (ASTITT- NI) Dr. Mrs. Nasrin & Dr. Mrs. Fatima Islahi
20 Attitude Scale Towards Information Technology for Teachers Dr. Nasrin & Dr. Fatima Islahi
21 Attitude Scale towards Small Family and Population Education (ASSFPE) T. S. Sodhi & G. D. Sharma
22 Attitude Scale towards Television Programme S. P. Kulshrestha
23 Attitude Towards using Cyber Resources Scale Dr. S. Rajasekar
24 Attitude Towards Using Cyber Resources Scale (ATUCRS) Dr. S. Rajasekar
25 Behavioural Deviance Scale Dr. N. S. Chouhan & Dr. Saroj Arora
26 Bisht Battery of Stress Scale (BBSS) Abha Rani Bisht
27 Career Maturity Inventory Dr. (Mrs) Nirmala Gupta
28 Career Preference Record (CPR) Vivek Bhargava & Rajshree Bhargava
29 Case Study Form L. N. Dubey
30 Children's Apperception Test Uma Choudhary
31 Children's Curiosity Scale Dr. Rajeev Kumar
32 Children's Perception of Parenting Scale Dr. A. Pyari & Dr. R. K. Kalra
33 Children's Personality Questionnaire S. D. Kapoor
34 Children's Self Concept Scale Dr. S. P. Ahluwalia
35 Class Room Environment Scale Prof. M. C. Joshi & O. P. R. Vyas
36 Cognitive Style Inventory Dr. Praveen Kumar Jha
37 Colour Pyramid Test K. Warner, Schaie & Robert Heiss
38 Comprehensive Anxiety Test Sinha & Sinha
39 Comprehensive Modernization Scale Ahluwalia & Kalia
40 Comprehensive Scale of Tension Bharajdwaj
41 Computer Attitude Scale (CAS) Dr. Tahira Khatoon & Manika Sharma
42 Concept Achievement (Formation) Test - (CAT) M. Rajamanickam
43 Concept Attainment Test Dr. A. Joshi & Miss; Arya
44 Coping Strategies Scale A.K.Srivastava
45 Coulter's Rigidity Scale I. S. Muhar & P. Bhatia
46 Culture Fair Intelligence Scale - 2 Form. A Indian Adaptation Kapoor, Rao & Singh
47 Defense Mechanism Inventory (Male Form) Dr. M. R. Mirnal & Dr. Uma Mirnal
48 Diagnostic Test in Decimal System and Percentage Dr. V. P. Sharma & Dr. T. P. Shukla
49 Differential Aptitude Test Battery J. M. Ojha
50 Differential Values Questionnaire Dr. Rekha Ram
51 Dimensional Personality Inventory DPI Dr. Mahesh Bhargava
52 Drop Out Scale Dr. A. R. Rathore
53 Educational Aspiration Scale (Form"P") V. P. Verma & Gupta
54 Educational Aspiration Scale (FormV) Sharma & Gupta
55 Educational Interest Record S. P. Kulshrestha
56 Educational Interest Record V. P. Bansal & Prof. Srivastava
57 Educational Leadership Assessment Test A. K. Pandey
58 Educational Problems Questionnaire Beena Shah & S. K. Lakhera
59 Emotional Intelligence Scale (EIS) Hyde, Peyhe
60 Emotional Maturity Scale Dr. Yashvir Singh & Dr. Mahesh Bhargav
61 Entrepreneurial Talent Scale (ETS) S. Agrawal & Dr. Ira Das
62 Environment Awareness Ability Measure Dr. Praveen K. Jha
63 Environmental Attitude Scale (EAS) Pandey & Misra
64 Environmental Awareness Test of Teachers Dr. S. Dhawan
65 Environmental Science Achievement Test Dr. Gakhar
66 Equality of Women Attitude Scale Dr. Rama Tiwari
67 Eysenck's Moudsley personality Inventory Jalota & Kapoor
68 Eysenck's Personality Questionnaire Revised (EPQ-R)
69 Family Climate Scale Dr. Beena Shah
70 Family Environment Scale Prof. M.C. Joshi & O.P.R. Vyas
71 Family Relationship Inventory Dr. G.P. Sherry & J.C. Sinha
72 Frustration Test Dr. N.S. Chouhan & G.P. Tiwari
73 General Classroom Achievement Test (For Class VI) Dr. A. Sen
74 General Teaching Competency Scale Prof. B.K. Passi & M.S. Lalitha
75 Group Intelligence Test Dr. P. Mehta
76 Group Test of General Mental Ability S. Jalota
77 Group Test of Intelligence 2/70 R.K. Tondon
78 Hamarey Dristicona(Attitude Scale) N.S. Chouhan
79 High School Personality Questionnaire Kapoor & Srivastava
80 Hindi Achievement Test L.N. Dubey
81 Home Environment Inventory Dr. Karuna S. Misra
82 Human Rights Awareness Test Dr. Vishal Sood & Dr. Arti Anand
83 Impulsiveness Scale Dr. S.N. Rai & Dr. Alka Srivasvata
84 Indian Adaptation of Bell's Adjustment Inventory Dr. Lalita Sharma
85 Indian Modification of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Uma Choudhary
86 Ink Blot Technique H. Rorscharch
87 Introversion Extroversion Test Dr. R.A. Singh
88 IPAT Anxiety Scale S.D. Kapoor
89 Job Anxiety Scale Dr. A.K. Srivastava
90 Kakkar Fitness for Teaching Scale Dr. S.B. Kakkar
91 Kakkar Interest in Teaching Scale Dr. S.B. Kakkar
92 Kundun Introversion/ Extroversion Inventory Dr. R. Kundan
93 Language Creativity Test Malhotra & Sucheta
94 Leadership Preference Scale L.J. Bhushan
95 Level of Aspiration Measure Shah & Mahesh Bhargava
96 Mangal Emotional Intelligence Inventory (MEII) Mangal
97 Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory (Short Form) S.K. Mangal
98 Marital Adjustment Questionnaire P. Kumar & K. Rohatgi
99 Interest Inventory Sodhi & Bhagnagar
100 Mathematical Interest Inventory L.N. Dubey
101 Mathematics Achievement Test L.N. Dubey
102 Mechanical Aptitude Test Battery R.K. Sharma
103 Mental Depression Scale L.N. Dubey
104 Mental Health Battery A.K. Singh & Alpana Sen Gupta
105 Mental Health Check List Pramod Kumar
106 Mental Health Questionnaire O.N. Srivastava & V.K. Bhat
107 Meta Cognition Inventory (MCI) Punita Govil
108 Mixed Type Group Test of Intelligence (Verbal & Non-Verbal) P.N. Mahrotra
109 Moral Judgement Test D. Sinha & Meera Verma
110 Moral Value Test L.N. Dubey
111 Multi-dimensional Motivation Test Dr. Roma Pall
112 Multi-dimensional Personality Inventory Dr. Manju Agrawal
113 Multi-factor Interest Questionnaire S.D. Kapoor & R.N. Singh
114 National Integration Attitude Scale Dr. Haseen Taj
115 Noise Adaptation Scale Dr. Ramji Srivastava
116 Non-Verbal Test of Creative Thinking(TCF) Baqer Mehdi
117 Occupational Aspiration Scale J.S. Grewa
118 Parental Encouragement Scale Dr. R.R. Sharma
119 Occupational Self Efficacy Scale Sanjot Pethe
120 Occupational Stress Index Dr. A.K. Srivastava & A.P. Singh
121 Optimistic Pessimistic Attitude Scale D.S. Parasar
122 Organisational Climate Scale(OCS) Sanjyot Pethe,Sushma Chaudhari & Upinder Dhar
123 Parent Child Relationship Scale Dr. H.C. Sharma & N.S. Chouhan
124 Parent Child Relationship Scale Nalini Rao
125 Parent Involvement Scale (PIS) Rita Chopra
126 Parental Disciplinary Practices Scale Roop R. Garg
127 Passi Test of Creativity B.K. Passi
128 Personal Value Questionnaire Sherry & Verma
129 Personality Inventory (Extroversion /Introversion) Yashvir Singh
130 Problem Check List Dr. M.C. Joshi & J. Pandey
131 Problem Solving Ability Test L.N. Dubey
132 Prolonged Deprivation Scale Dr. G. Misra & L.B. Tripathi
133 Rao's School Attitude Inventory
134 Reading Ability Test Dr. Prabhjot
135 Reading Comprehension Test Dr. P. Ahuja & G.C. Ahuja
136 Reasoning Ability in Science Dr. Anuradha Joshi & B.C. Mahapatra
137 Reasoning Ability In Science (RAIS) Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Joshi & Bhuban Chandra Mahapatra
138 Reasoning Ability Test Dr. Sadhna Bhatnagar
139 Religiosity Scale L.J. Bhushan
140 Risk Taking Questionnaire (RTQ) Sinha & Arora
141 Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study (Adult Form) Udai Pareek, Devi, Rosenzweig
142 Rotter's Locus of Control Scale Dr. A. Kumar & Srivastava
143 Samayojan Suchika R.R. Tripathi
144 Scales Measuring Self Perception Dr. K.G. Agrawal
145 School Adjustment Inventory Dr. N.M. Bhagia
146 School Environment Inventory K.S. Misra
147 School Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire M.L. Sharma
148 Science Attitude Scale Dr. Avinash Grewal
149 Science Interest Test L.N. Dubey & Archana Dubey
150 Scientific Aptitude Test Battery Dr. K.K. Agrawal
151 Scientific Aptitude Test for College Students Sinha & Sinha
152 Scientific Attitude Scale Dr. N.N. Srivastava
153 Scientific Attitude Scale(SB SAS) Shailaja Bhagwat
154 Security-Insecurity Scale Dr. Beena Shah
155 Self Actualization Inventory (SEAI) Dr. K.N. Sharma
156 Self Concept Check List Method P. Deo
157 Self Concept Questionnaire R.K. Saraswat
158 Self Confidence Inventory Rekha Agnihotry
159 Self Disclosure Inventory (For Adults) Dr. Virendra Singh
160 Self Esteem Inventory M.S. Prasad & G.P. Thakur
161 Self Expression Inventory Usha Upadhyay & R.P. Verma
162 Self Perception Adjective "Check List" Dr. K.N. Sharma
163 Sense of Nationalism Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal
164 Sense of Nationalism Scale (SNS-DK) Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal
165 Sex Educational Attitude Scale R.V. Patil
166 Sex Myth Check List Dr. Pramod Kumar
167 Sexuality Scale Dr. Pramod Kumar
168 Shalilaja Bhagwat Reasoning Ability Test Dr.(Smt.) Shailaja Bhagwat
169 Shamshad - Jasbir Old Age Adjustment Inventory S. Hussain & Jasbir Kaur
170 Sharma Academic Achievement Motivation Test Dr. T.R. Sharma
171 Shyness Scale K.P. Krishna & Tanwir Akhtar
172 Social Conformity Scale Dr. T.S. Dhapola & S.N. Singh
173 Social Intelligence Scale Dr. N.K. Chadha & Usha Ganeshan
174 Social Intelligence Scale Dr. S. Mathur
175 Social Maturity Scale Nalini Rao
176 Social Skills Rating Scale Dr. Vishal Sood, Dr. Arti Anands & Suresh Kumar
177 Social-Emotional School Climate Inventory(SESCI) Renuka K. Sinha & Rajni Bhargava
178 Socio-Economic Status Scale S.P. Kulshrestha
179 Socio-Economic Status Scale Questionnaire S.P. Kapoor & R.N. Singh
180 Socio-Economic Status Scale(Urban) B. Kuppuswamy
181 Socio-Economic Status Scale-Form"B"(Rural) S.P. Kulshrestha
182 Sociometry Prof. J.N. Sharma
183 Sodhi's Attitude Scales Dr. T.S. Sodhi
184 Sorenson's General Anxiety Scale for Children Dr. A. Kumar
185 Sportsman Spirit Test Dr. L.N. Dubey
186 Stress Inventory For School Students(SISS-SS) Seema Rani & Dr.Basant Bahadur Singh
187 Student Alienation Scale Dr. R.R. Sharma
188 Student Liking Scale S. P. Malhotra & B.K. Passi
189 Student Stress Scale(SSS-AZ) Dr. Zaki Akhtar
190 Study Habit Inventory M. Mukhopadhyay & San Sanwal
191 Study Habit Inventory Palsane & Sharma
192 Style of Learning and Thinking Dr. D. Venkataraman
193 Swatva Bodh Parikshan Dr. G.P. Sherry, R.P. Verma&Goaswami
194 Taj Environmental Attitude Scale(TEAS) H. Taj
195 Teacher Effectiveness Scale Pramod Kumar & D.N. Mutha
196 Target Dart Test(Application Method) O.M. Rajamanikam
197 Teacher Adjustment Inventory S.K. Mangal
198 Teacher Attitude Inventory S.P. Ahluwalia
199 Teacher Attitude Scale Towards Inclusive Education Dr. Vishal Sood & Dr. Arti Anand
200 Teacher Attitude Scale Towards Inclusive Education-(TASTIE) Dr.Vikas Sood & Dr(Mrs) Arti Anand
201 Teacher Effectiveness Scale (TES-Ku) Dr.(Mrs) Umme Kulsum
202 Teacher Efficiency Scale N.S. Chouhan & Jain
203 Teacher Job Satisfaction Questionnaire P. Kumar & D.N. Mutha
204 Teacher Values Inventory S.P. Ahluwalia & H. Singh
205 Teacher's Attitude Scale Towards Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation Dr. Vishal Sood & Dr(Mrs) Arti Anand
206 Teacher's Reaction to Frustration in School Situation Test Dr. M.K. Goyal
207 Teachers Role Commitment Scale(TRCS) Dr. Meena Budhisagar Rathore & M. Verma
208 Teachers Role Conflict Inventory(TRCI) Dr. P. Prasad & Dr. L.I. Bhushan
209 Teaching Aptitude Test Dr. Jai Prakash & R.P. Srivastava
210 Teaching Aptitude Test Battery Singh & Sharma
211 Test Anxiety Scale V.P. Sharma
212 Test of "g"Culture Fair Scale-3 Form"A" S. Rao
213 Test of Study Habits and Attitudes Dr. C.P.G. Mathur
214 Test of"g"Culture Fair Scale-2 Form"B" Rao & Singh
215 The Indian Adaption of Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study (Children's Form) Udai Pareek
216 The Inferiority & Insecurity Questionnaire G.C. Pati
217 The Modernization Scale R.S. Singh
218 The scale of Emotional H.C. Sharma & R.L. Bharadwaj
219 The Value Orientation Scale Chouhan, Arora& Mathur
220 Time Management Competency Scale D.N. Sansanwal
221 Tripathi Personal Preference Schedule R.R. Tripathi
222 Value Conflict Scale R.L. Bharadwaj
223 Value Test R.K. Ojha
224 Verbal Intelligence Scale R.K. Ojha & Dr. K.R. Choudhary
225 Verbal Intelligence Test Dr. P. Shrinivasan
226 Verbal Test of Creative Thinking(TCW) Baqer Mehdi
227 Verbal Test of Scientific Creativity-(VTSC) Dr. V.P. Sharma & Dr. J.P. Shukla
228 Vocational Interest Record S.P. Kulshrestha
229 Vocational Interest Record V.P. Bansal & Prof. Srivastava
230 Water Management Cognition Scale Dr. Sheetla Parasad
231 Women Social Freedom Scale(WSFS) L.I. Bhusan
232 Work Motivation Questionnaire K.G. Agrawal
233 Youth Problem Inventory Dr.Mithlesh Verma

Apart from the above Psychological Tests the following apparatus and non-verbal tests are also available in the Psychology Lab. The details of these are appended below:-

List of Apparatuses available in the Laboratory:

S.No. Name of the Apparatus S.No. Name of the Apparatus
1 Alexander Pass Along Test 2 Bhatia's Battery
3 Collins and Drener Performance Test of Intelligence 4 Concept Formation Cards
5 Conditioned Reflex Apparatus 6 Electronic Chronoscope
7 Ergrograph Apparatus 8 Koh's Block Design Test
9 Make a Picture Story 10 Maze
11 Memory Drum Apparatus 12 Metronome (Electronic)
13 Minnesata Rate of Manipulation (Turning and Placing) 14 Minnesota Block Packing Test
15 Mirror Drawing Apparatus 16 Muller Lyer Illusion Apparatus
17 Photographs for Recognition 18 Pictorial Completion Form Boards
19 Pyramid Puzzle 20 Reaction Time Apparatus
21 Size Weight Illusion Test 22 Standford Bivet Intelligence Scale
23 Steadiness Tester 24 Techistoscope
25 Visual Space Perception Apparatus 26 Weschler Intelligence Test
27 Whipple Weight Box