Science Lab

Science Lab

The College has adequately equipped Biology, Physics, and Chemistry Laboratories where the science students not only go for practical works but also get the material issued for demonstration for practical work in classrooms during Practice Teaching of the lessons.

The Science Laboratory was constructed and developed under the financial assistance provided by the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi.

Science Laboratory has a number of equipment & apparatus which are listed below subject wise:-

Purchased Under U.G.C scheme

1Distill Water Apparatus1 Pc2Magnetic Stirrer1 Pc
3Centrifuge Machine1 Pc4Hot Plate1 Pc
5Hot Air oven1 Pc6Exhaust Fan3 Pc
7Steel Almirah 1-5 self 1-3 self2 Pc8Horse Shoe Magnet3 Pc
9Boyles App, C.P. rod & Base1 Pc10El. Tronic B. Eliminator.1 Pc
11Fortins Barometer.1 Pc12Galvanometer OSAW 30-0-303 Pc
13Meter Scale7 Pc14Rheostat2 Pc
15Sonometer1 Pc16Tangent Galvanometer1 Pc
17Lead Accumulator2 Pc18Ammeter.7 Pc
19Voltmeter7 Pc20Resonance tube App.1 Pc
21Emergency Light1 Pc22Spring Balance 500 1 kg7 Pc
23Digital Multimeter Meco1 Pc24Camera Lucida Prism type1 Pc
25Medical Micrometer1 Pc26Slide Projector 2x2x35 mn1 Pc
27Human Skeleton Box Wooden1 Pc28Human Skeleton1 Pc
29Human Skeleton PVC1 Pc30Binocular R.Micrometer1 Pc


1Ammeter2 pc2Aneroid Barometer1 pc
3Dip Circle1 pc 4Galvanometer2 pc
5Multirange Meter1 pc 6Physical Balance2 pc
7Resistance Box5 pc 8Sodium Vapour Lamp with Stabilizer1 pc
9Spectrometer OSAW1 pc 10Travelling Microscope1 pc
11Tuning forks set2 pc 12Voltmeter2 pc
13Glass Slab1 pc 14Magnetic Compass5 pc
15Prism Equator2 pc16Convex lens15 pc
17Concave lens13 pc 18Concave Mirror6 pc
19Convex Mirror4 pc 20Laclanche Cell4 pc
21Copper Calorimeter5 pc 22Copper Plate2 pc
23Zinc Rood.5 pc 24Horse Shoe Magnet3 pc
25Post office Box1 pc 26Vernier Callipers.4 pc
27Glass Cube Hollow4 pc 28Micrometers Screw Gauge4 pc
29Spirit Level6 pc 30Model of eye1 pc
31Steam Engine Model1 pc 32Stereoscope1 pc
33Press Key2 pc 34Stop Watch1 pc
35Stop Clock2 pc 36
Tangent Galvanometer
1 pc
37Induction coil1 pc 38Battery Terminal Clips6 pc
39Meter Bridge1 pc 40Electrophorus2 pc
41Electric Dynamo.1 pc 42Pulley Single5 pc
43Pulley Double6 pc 44Pulley Triple6 pc
45Pendulum Bobs11 pc 46Keys5 pc
47Calipers6 pc 48Nicholson Hydrometer3 pc
49Apparatus to Show Change in Season50App to Show Eclipses1 pc
51Simple Telescope model1 pc 52Electric Motor1 pc
53Spherometer4 pc 54Kunds’ tube1 pc
55R D Bottle3 pc 56Max-Min Thermometer3 pc
57Carbon Rod3 pc 58Eliminator1 pc
59Solder Iron1 pc 60Bell Jar1 pc
61Rheostat1 ph 62Magnetic needle.2 pc
63Ebonite rod3 pc 64Optical Bench.1 pc
65Automatic Syphon.2 pc 66Drawing Board.2 pc
67Lactometer.1 pc 68Gold leaf Electroscope without leaf.1 pc
69Weight Set 100 g to 2 ky1 seh 70Cell Stand3 pc
71Spiring Balance.7 pc 72Magnifying lens2 pc
73Bulb Holders2 pc 74Bar Magnet. 8 pc


1Microscope Dissecting.3 pc2Microscope Compound3 pc
3Oil immersion lens1 pc4Pointer eye Pc.2 pc
5Specimen jar 500cc5 pc6Tinospora Specimen1 pc
7Lotus1 pc8Qnion Bulb1 pc
9Pistia Specimen1 pc10Specimen of poppy Fruit1 pc
11Specimen Of Pinus Male Cone1 pc12Specimen Of Pinus Female Cone1 pc
13Specimen Of Electric fish1 pc14Flit Pump.1 pc
15Specimen. Of Liver fluke1 pc16Specimen Of Holotheria1 pc
17Specimen Of Pritis saw fill1 pc18Specimen of spongilla1 pc
19Specimen of Ascaris1 pc20Specimen of Leech1 pc
21Specimen of Pila1 pc22Specimen of octopus1 pc
23Specimen of chition1 pc24Specimen of centipede1 pc
25Specimen of cockroach1 pc26Specimen of Scorpion1 pc
27Specimen of Starfish1 pc28Specimen of Balanglossus1 pc
29Specimen of Hedemania1 pc30Specimen of Scoliodon1 pc
31Specimen of Salamandra1 pc32Specimen of Bat1 pc
33Rabbit Brain model1 pc34Specimen of Radish1 pc
35Specimen of Turnip1 pc36Specimen of Pea nodule1 pc
37Specimen of Silk Worm1 pc381 pc

Chemistry (Non Consumable)

1Atomic Model Set1 set2Distillation Apparatus1 pc
3Funnel Separating.1 pc4Lebeing Condenser3 pc
5Stand with Clamp6 pc6Thiels Tube11 pc
7Test Tube Holder10 pc8Cork Borer Set2 pc
9Burner9 pc10Wire gauge13 pc
11Acid Accumulator.2 pc12Beehive Shelf4 pc
13Triangular File1 pc14Tripod Stand.2 pc
15Blue Flame3 pc16Gas Cylinder Indane1 pc
17Tongs 8″6 pc18Water Voltameter3 pc
19Petric disc.4 pc20Water Bath Copper2 pc
21Pipe Wrinich 12″1 pc22Plier1 pc
23Spooner3 pc24Screwdriver4 pc
25Pilas 8″1 pc26Nose Pilas1 pc
27Hammer1 pc28Spirit Lamp7 pc
29Funnel Clamp.6 pc30T.T. Stand10 pc
31Geometry Box2 pc32Gas Regulator1 pc

Chemistry (Consumable)

1Burette8 pc2Flask Round Bottom 500 m11 pc
3Flask Flat Boltom 500 m20 pc 4Flask Measuring 250 m6 pc
5Flask Measuring 1000m2 pc 6Flask Measuring 250 m6 pc
7Pipette6 pc 8Reagent Bottle Feum 2509 pc
9Reagent Bottle9 pc 10Flask -Flat Bottom 10006 pc
11Watch glass10 pc12Beaker 100 m2 pc
13Beaker 250 m7 pc14Gas jar8 pc
15Glass Trought1 pc16Rubber Cork60 pc
17Woulf bottle1 pc18Thermameter F1 pc